Science Fiction Short Story

The Two Dummy Alien Mummies

ISBN 978-955-44323-5-2

Date – May 7, 2023

Location – State of California, USA


“Sir, Jerome got heard about the spaceship. A red Indian named Atoni told him about this.” Michael said, showing his boss some photos on his mobile phone.


“Seriously? How did the Native American guy find out about it?”


“We don’t know that yet, sir. We’ll find that out soon.”


The chief looked away for a few moments and began to think. It seemed that he had already guessed that this would happen.


“Jerome hasn’t seen that yet, right?”


“No, sir. As I know, no one has seen it yet. But that Red Indian guy is going to find it tomorrow.”


“Hmm, is that so? Okay. Never mind. Let him go. But we need to talk to him before he meets Jerome again. I think we can make a little deal with him.”


“Sir, it’s easier if we kill him before he finds it.”


“No. Don’t do that. If we do that, Jerome will know there’s something in that cave. If that happens, we might be stuck dealing with this for way too long. I’m aiming to handle a couple of things at once.”


“I still don’t understand. What is your plan?”


Before answering, the chief smiled and sat down in his chair.


“Michael. We need to use Atony to tell Jerome what we want. Because I think at this moment, Jerome trusts that Red Indian guy.”


“Okay, sir. What should we do?”


“Take two of the dummy bodies we made for testing and put them in the nearest mineral mine. Jerome should know about it from Atoni. I think he’ll like alien bodies more than a spaceship.”


Michael now began to understand his boss’s plan. This is a very cunning plan. This will not only cover the information about the spaceship they want to hide but also the public’s trust in the journalist Jerome Mawdock, who was very troublesome for their secret work, will be completely broken. There is also a possibility that Jerome will be guilty before the law for spreading false information.


“But how can we trust that Atoni will follow through on our plan?” Michael asked, his voice tinged with uncertainty.


“There is a small problem there. But he has to do it. Tell him that you will give him ten times the amount that Jerem is giving. Then he will like it. If it doesn’t work as we want, Do as you said before. Kill everyone who knows about this.”



* * *



Atoni is a native Red Indian born in Peru and faced challenges in obtaining a formal education as a child. Consequently, he struggled to secure a specific job and eventually turned to working as a tourist guide for several years. His services were highly sought after, thanks to the extensive knowledge passed down from his father and grandfather regarding Peru’s rich history and archaeological sites.


However, due to the economic recession in many countries of the world due to the Corona epidemic, the tourism industry in Peru collapsed severely. This caused a death blow to the income of many people, including Atoni, who depended on the tourism industry. Even the bank loan he took to build a house became unable to pay the installment, so even the land he got from his father was almost mortgaged to the bank. Atoni, who was looking for hired work with nothing to do, met Jerome through a friend.


Jerome, who is from Mexico, said he was an archaeologist. He claimed he was studying the history and archeological ruins in Peru. But Atony, who had been working with Jerome for a little while, quickly understood that Jerome wasn’t interested in a regular archaeological project. Jerome was searching for a secret treasure or something very valuable in Peru. Jerome paid money not only to Atony but also to some people in the village and gathered a lot of information about the various archaeological sites and the folk tales woven around such sites.


Atony knew the kind of information Jerome wanted. He learned the details from his grandfather who was a miner. But he thought several times whether to tell Jerome or not. The reason was that Atony’s grandfather told him this secret after making him promise not to tell anyone. This is the conversation between Atony and his grandfather many years ago when he was a child.


“Please tell me, grandpa. What happened?”


“How do I know if you will tell your friends about this after I tell you this?”


“No, no. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”


“Hmm, you’re telling the truth, aren’t you?”




“Okay, then I’ll tell you. Because the mine we worked in was low on gold, we were looking for a place to build a new mine in those days. That’s why me and my friend climbed a mountain that was inside the forest. Because we got news from a man near that forest that we could go inside that mountain. We found a cave near the top of the mountain. So we both started to walk inside of the mountain through the mouth of the cave. It is quite a big cave. There were many roads in each direction like a maze. If you go there in the future, remember the route or mark it. If not, you will be lost. The other thing, remember to take a long rope. Because in some places we had to use ropes to go down.”


“Anyway, we must’ve been inside that cave for about half an hour. Suddenly, there was this massive thing blocking our path. We couldn’t even figure out what it was. It looked like a ship, and more than half of it was buried deep in the ground. We tried to find a way in, but no luck. Even tried hacking at it with an axe, but it didn’t even flinch. Our torches were almost out, so we had to turn back.”

“So Grandpa didn’t go back to see it?”


“No. After that, I didn’t get to go. Our team found another mine a little far away, so I had to go to work there. Now when I was talking with you son, I suddenly remembered it, but I had forgotten about it.”


The decision was not that difficult. Accordingly, he told Jerome about this. He actually got more money from Jerome than Atony thought. Also, the amount promised by Jerome to be given if he can find the location of the spaceship that Atoni’s grandfather said was a value that Atony had never dreamed of. It was several times the amount of the bank loan he took to build the house.



* * *



Date – May 8, 2023

Location – Peru


At Jerome’s request, Atony set out the next morning to search for the mysterious object that his grandfather told him about. As the grandfather said, it was quite a risky journey, so he engaged his brother Ahothe, who was the most faithful to him, for the journey.


A few hours later they were able to find the cave opening near the top of the mountain. After walking a few feet inside the cave, they realized that it was a maze. However, they were able to travel in it safely as they brought the necessary equipment.


After about another hour, the two of them were able to find the mysterious object that the grandfather told them about. Grandfather did not have a clear idea about it that day, but Atony could guess what it was. This must be a spaceship. But it cannot be man-made at all. He couldn’t imagine how this spaceship got into this cave.


Due to the size of the spaceship, it could not pass through the cave opening at all. Atony’s grandfather saw this about sixty years ago. But even today, Atony and Ahothe, who checked it, found that its exterior was well preserved without rust or corrosion.


Although Atoni had previously heard various folktales from the elders of his native village about the god traveling in the sky, he did not care much about it. But as soon as he saw this mysterious object, he thought that there was some truth in those folk tales.


“Atony and Ahothe snapped pictures and recorded videos on their phones, thinking they had plenty to share with Jerome. But just as they were about to leave the forest, things took a sharp turn. Out of nowhere, a group with guns appeared near the edge of the woods. They blindfolded, tied their hands and feet, and loaded them into a vehicle.”


The vehicle carrying the two of them traveled for about twenty minutes. As they were blindfolded, they had no idea about the place or direction they were traveling. But suddenly the vehicle stopped. They were pulled out, brought into a house, made to sit on chairs, and finally, someone untied their hands and removed the blindfolds.


In front of them stood a man in his middle years, dressed in all-black European attire. He wore a smile as he gazed at the two brothers.


“Atony and Ahothe, we’re truly sorry for not giving you a proper explanation earlier. Time was running short, so we had to act fast,” the middle-aged man said, sliding two cups of piping hot coffee towards the brothers.


“We are from the International Archaeological Conservation Organization. There’s something crucial we need to discuss. Let me get right to it. We know that you two found something of great archaeological value today. That’s great news. However, here’s the catch: you’re about to share it with a thief who’s come from Mexico.”


Atony and Ahothe exchanged stunned looks, taken aback by the unexpected news. With both of them silent, the stranger resumed speaking.


“This is your homeland. Its history belongs to you too. If that’s true, you should safeguard these secrets and not hand them over to thieves from other lands.”


The guest and the two brothers talked for a good half-hour. In the end, the guest managed to convince Atoni and Ahote to agree to his terms willingly. He even promptly gave them ten times the amount that Jerome had originally promised.


“You’re telling the truth, right? I’ve already spent quite a bit of money you,” Jerome Mawdock said, sounding somewhat skeptical.


“No, sir. I saw it with my own two eyes. I swear.” said the native red Indian, raising his right hand.


“Who else saw that?”


“Just my younger brother, sir. It was only the two of us.”


“Where is your brother now?”


“At home.”


“We can trust him, right?”


“Yes, sir. He won’t breathe a word to anyone.”


Jerome gazed at the Native American, pondering in quiet for a moment. Then, after a short pause, he spoke up again.


“I still don’t believe you. First, you mention a spaceship in the cave. Now, you come back talking about two mummies. What’s going on?” Jerome questioned, his disbelief evident.


“It’s something I heard when I was young, sir. Maybe I misunderstood what my grandfather said. Anyway, there are two mummies. If you come with us, you can see them with your own eyes. It’s not that difficult to get there.”


“Alright, I’ll be there tomorrow, no worries. Now, I need a straight answer. Take your time and tell me. Do you think the three of us can manage to lift those two mummies?”


“Absolutely, sir. We can handle it. Even if it’s just the two of us, we can manage. One of the mummies isn’t even three feet tall.”


“Perfect. I need us to retrieve those two mummies with utmost care. We must do it before anyone else gets wind of it. If they’re taken out before we get to them, all the money I’ve put into this will be for nothing.”


Atony, who said nothing, stared at Jerome in silence. Atony’s mind was somewhat nervous. This hardened old man who is greedy for money knows nothing about what happened to him and his brother a few hours ago. Atony knew that if Jerome knew that he was trying to deceive him, he would not think twice about shooting him. Therefore, he tried to remain calm as long as possible so that Jerome would not be suspicious.



* * *



Date – September 12, 2023

Location – Congress meeting hall, Mexico


“Hello Jerome Mawdock. Are you ready to take the oath?”


“Yes. I’m ready.”


“Okay, in this place all the members of the Congress of Mexico are gathered. What you need to know before taking this oath is that if the facts you present to this Congress after the oath are proven to be false, you will be guilty before the law. Is that clear to you?”


“Yes. That’s perfectly clear to me.”


“Well, then, do you swear in front of these members of Congress that the two extraterrestrial corpses you are going to present to this Congress and all the related research reports are true?”


“Yes. I swear this is all true.”




———– The End ———–

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