Science Fiction Long Story

The Mystique Experiment 1 - Episode 1

ISBN 978-955-44323-3-8

Saying “Mom, I’m going to sleep then” Akash entered his room and closed the door to escape from the sound of television dramas that the residents were so addicted to but he didn’t like.


Just as he was about to stretch out on his couch to sleep, a cold breeze came from the open window and touched his face. He walked to the window spontaneously because of a mysterious invitation from the cool breeze.


From the end of their backyard, he could see big, wide fields and far-off lights in red and blue from the Anuradhapura Air Force Base. He knew his older brother was working in the radio control room there right now. Even though the calmness of that moonlight place was nice, he wasn’t really looking at it. His eyes were focused on the vast, endless stars in the sky above.


“How many stars are there in this sky? Do we see the same stars or different stars every day? Are all these countless stars deserted? Maybe there are animals in them. Perhaps they’re like us, or maybe even more advanced. Or… is this the abode of God?” He had pondered these questions countless times in his mind, but the answers remained elusive. He did not expect that he would be able to find those answers in his lifetime. However, the main reason that made this young man Akash Tharupathi different from everyone else was his love for the sky.

He could use the bedroom alone because his elder brother Nimesh was not at home. But having no one to have a discussion was a matter of desolation. If his brother had been there, he would have told Akash about the events that happened at the Air Force camp during the past week. Once when Akash went to the Air Force camp at night with his brother, he tried to observe celestial objects with an old low-magnification telescope used to observe the airplanes there. But he could barely see the moon only. It was not so clear either.

But he preferred the telescope with significant magnification power owned by a certain private institution affiliated with the University of Colombo. Currently, he is a first-year resident student studying for a degree in technical science at the University of Colombo. He had seen various celestial objects such as the moon, Venus, and Mars with the help of the telescope owned by the institution in Colombo.

Only he knew the reason that made him attracted to the sky like this. Indeed, he was a person who witnessed a special incident with his own eyes. But no one took note of his account of the incident, which was rather vague, and he was a child of eight years when it happened.

* * *

It is an auspicious day of the month. That evening should have been filled with the rays of the setting sun, but the entire Anurapura sky was covered with huge dark rain clouds. The sound of lightning overcame the sermons in the temple and shook the earth. Many people had gone to the village temple to engage in religious rituals, so the village looked deserted.

Akash also came to the temple with his mother on that day. As a young boy, sitting and listening to sermons for an hour was an extremely lazy affair. As his schoolmate Kamal had also come to the temple with his mother, he decided to leave the temple with him anyway. After saying that they were going to walk in the temple garden, they escaped from their mothers and immediately left the temple and started running towards the forest along the road that fell through the middle of the field.

“Hey… it will be going to rain a lot. I’ll get a beating from my mother if my clothes get wet.” Looking at the darkened sky, Kamal said loudly, trying to suppress the noise of the wind that was blowing fast at that time.

“No, no. We have to go today. By tomorrow, all the mangoes will have fallen because of the rain.” said Akash walking ahead.

“But now it’s going to rain hard. And what if we get caught to Puwak Banda when we’re plucking mangoes? The man will hit us with an ax.”

A feeling of fear is born in Akash’s mind due to the memory of Puwak Banda. Puwak Banda was a somewhat insane man of about fifty years of age who lived alone in a small house in the jungle. His real name was Bandara. He was known in the village as Puak Banda because he used to sell the fruits of the forest in the bazaar for his livelihood. Even though he was an innocent man who had never harmed anyone, the children of the village were quite afraid of him because of the bitter abuses he used to utter when he was angry.

“Puwak Banda will not come out in this rain. Let’s go quickly and pick mangoes. If he says anything, let’s tell Uncle Sirinelis.” Aakash said pointing to a house that was a little far away in the middle of the paddy field.

After a few more minutes they passed the paddy field and entered the small forest. The small jungle, which was situated on a slightly sloping low ground, was full of luxuriant mango trees. A few acres beyond that was the big Jungle, or the huge Anuradhapura Forest Reserve, which starts from a mountain pass.

While Kamal was on the ground, Akash climbed as high as he could on a rather tall mango tree and started picking the mangos and dropping them on the ground. Akash, who was having trouble keeping his balance due to the swaying of the tree which was a harbinger of a storm, left the mangoes aside and prepared to descend. But he was stunned by the sudden sight.

Although it was not visible at the foot of the tree, Akash, who was climbing a tall mango tree, could see the top of the mountain pass where the upper forest begins. Something was hanging in the sky above the mountain pass. He couldn’t figure out what it was because he had never seen or heard anything like it. It was some object whose exact size was difficult to imagine. But during the short time it was in the sky, he noticed three facts. That is, it was light blue like the color of the sky and some light was emanating from it. But more than those two features, he was amazed by the transparency of the object. Indeed, he could not imagine its shape or size because of this transparency. It remained in the sky for less than five seconds and then gradually began to descend. He could no longer see it because of the mountain pass.

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