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This article contains the information revealed by Bob Lazar about aliens and area 51 in the state of Nevada. It is up to you to decide if the revealed by Bob Lazar is true or not.
This story started on the 15th of May 1989. There is a TV channel named KLAS in Las Vegas. On this day, this television channel broadcast an interview program with a person named Dennis who covered his face. This person spoke about some mysterious things that he experienced in the military base of area 51. Let’s see what he said.
According to Bob Lazar, he is a person who is interested in physics and science. So, he went to MIT university to pursue a master’s degree in physics. Also, he got a master’s degree in electric technology offered by Caltech institute of technology. After that, he got a job in Los Alamos national laboratory. But he always has a desire to study new technologies. Due to that, he applied for many job vacancies to find a new job. As a result of that, he got a chance and passed an interview which was handled by an organization named EG&G. But at this interview, he didn’t get the information about the company name or place. They told, that it is a government job. Also, Bob Lazar said that they asked for personal details in this interview that are not related to the job such as hobbies, friends, and family members. His life change started from here.
After he got selected for the job, he got the company agreement letter to sign. He said there are 112 points in that agreement letter and he feels very strange about some rules which are mentioned in that letter. Here are some points he mentioned.
“You cannot talk with the people in other departments. You cannot talk about the project that you are involved in. Also, you cannot ask for details of other projects in your division. You cannot even ask the name of another person in the workplace.”
Also, he noticed that the document contains some technological equipment that he had never heard of before. The location of the workplace is also unknown. Because the transport is provided by a fully covered bus which cannot see outside. They don’t even know where they are going. After coming to the workplace, he was assigned to a department named S4 base. Bob said that S4 is a huge underground research laboratory. He said satellites or aircraft cannot see this laboratory, because it is located underground. In S4 base, he has to work with a person named Barry. But he was warned not to ask for any personal details from Barry. You cannot even ask for the surname.
The task that he was assigned is a mysterious one. There is an aircraft. But it is not from this world. It is outside of earth which was designed by an unknown civilization. They have to reverse engineer the propulsion system of that aircraft. Also, he heard that the person who previously worked with Barry died due to an accident while working in this reverse engineering research. They named that aircraft a sports model because it is a small one. Furthermore, Bob said that he saw another eight UFO aircraft models in the S4 base which do not belong to the earth. He said some of those UFO aircraft are very big.
Bob gave some information about the aircraft model that he worked on. There are 3 main floors. The propulsion system is located on the bottom floor. But nothing is connected. It means no wires, nuts, or bolts. He said this. “We cannot even imagine the technology used here. But according to our knowledge, we tried to understand it. The power source used here is gravity. There are three parts to the propulsion system. The first one is an antenna that can control the gravity wave. The second one is matter and an antimatter reactor. The third one is a gravity amplifier that can change the gravitational field. This propulsion system used element 115 as fuel. Element 115 can change gravity. There are no on-off switches in this model. We have to put element 115 into the matter and an antimatter reactor. Then the engine starts and gravitational waves are passed from the amplifier to the antenna.
Then he explained how this aircraft was moving forward. Bob said it is done using amplifiers. These amplifiers bend spacetime using gravitational waves. In this scenario, the value of the speed has become worthless. Because the aircraft is not moving. Only spacetime is moving. This is different from the action-reaction concept which is used in human technology. Every time Bob said “we have no sense about this mechanism. The explanation which I told is just a logical explanation which was developed by us according to our knowledge. I told it because that is the best explanation I can give.”
Bob Lazar is a person who has a big curiosity. He is not interested in doing the job under the rules. He has a big desire to know more details about these aircraft. Due to that, he speaks with some people who worked there. From those conversations, he was able to find some more details. He found that this UFO had come from a star system named Zeta Reticuli which is located 40 light-years away. Also, Bob said, one day he was able to take element 115 to his home. Furthermore, Bob was able to find that UFO aircraft are tested every Wednesday night in a place which is located a few miles away from the S4 base. So on some Wednesdays, Bob went to that place with his friends to see those UFO aircrafts flying in the night sky. But one day Bob and his friends were caught by a soldier. After that, he was kicked off the job.
That’s the end of Bob Lazar’s story. Some people believe that this story is true and others argue that it cannot be believed. In this article, I tried to study all points Interventionally. First, let’s see what are the defective points of this story.

1. First defective point is, there are no records about a student named Bob Lazar in MIT university or Caltech institute of technology.

2. The second defective point is that Bob Lazar cannot remember the names of his supervisors. It is a very unusual thing.

3. The third defective point is there is no thesis publication of his master’s degrees. Usually, to complete the master’s degree, every student has to publish his or her thesis in public. But Bob Lazar has no document of his thesis.

4. The fourth defective point was found in Bob Lazar’s marriage certificate. He got married in 1980. With that certificate, he filled his highest education level as grade 12.

5. The fifth defective point was found from a bankruptcy document which was filed in 1986. In that bankruptcy document, he filled his occupation as a photograph cleaner.

Let’s see the technical defects of Bob Lazar’s story. People who have background knowledge about physics say that Bob Lazar’s story looks like a fairy tale. They said Bob talked only about points that were discussed in science fiction. They said the details are also not in the correct order. Also, they said, there are many mistakes in the points which Bob Lazar said. Here I describe two things that scientists are questioned about.

1. How to create a powerful gravity field which can bend spacetime by using a small amount of antimatter?
2. If a gravity field is created, how do the other items not attract to that field?
3. Bob lazar said gravity is a wave. But according to the physics that we know, gravity occurs due to a bend of spacetime.

However, there are some points that we should consider about Bob Lazar’s story. Let’s take the positive points.

1. Bob Lazar was tested using lie detector machines 4 times. All these testing results showed Bob Lazar is telling the truth.
2. Also, FBI agents checked Bob Lazar’s house and his business place. If Bob Lazar is lying, why do FBI agents need to check his home?
3. Both Los Alamos and EG&G said that there was no employee named Bob Lazar in their company. But there are official records available that prove that Bob Lazar worked on both of those companies. Then, why are Los Alamos and EG & G lying?
4. The S4 base exists in area 51. How did Bob Lazar know about that, if he did not work there?
5. Bob Lazar has some videos showing UFO aircraft flying in the night sky. Where did he get them?
6. A US agent named Mike Thigpen has come to check the background of Bob Lazar before he joins the job in area 51. If Bob Lazar had not worked in a government job, then why did Mike Thigpen go to check Bob Lazar’s background.
6. In 2019, the US government released some videos of unidentified flying objects. The behavior of these unidentified flying objects matches the explanation done by Bob Lazar.

So, what do you think? Is the story of Bob Lazar true or not? Let’s discuss it in the comment section.

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