What happens to the brain during meditation?

What happens to our brain when we meditate? More than eight hundred Western scientific research have been done on this. Since 1950. Let’s see what are the basic findings made from these.


There is a 2% biological difference between chimpanzees and humans. Not much. Just 2%. But there is a big difference between the human mind and the chimpanzee mind. I will call the mind the brain for now.


Let’s explain it like this. Let’s imagine that the human body is the mobile phone in your hand. I mean the hardware. Then the mind refers to the software in it. That said, it’s like Android operating system. I will explain the difference between chimpanzees and humans with this example. There is a mobile phone that was put on the market last year. It has been improved and a new mobile phone version has been introduced this year. There is no big difference in the hardware of the two mobile phones. Such is the huge difference between the mind of man and the mind of a chimpanzee. But there is a difference of about fifty years between the software. So what do we know about the most complex software in the human brain?


If you look at it scientifically, this software is divided into two basic parts. That is the conscious part and the unconscious part. What is the difference between these two? Let me explain it like this. You are now reading this article with a clear mind. You know it has letters, words, and sentences. But do you know how many times you have blinked since you started reading this article? No, right? Most of the time you don’t know about it. If there is someone like that, he or she is a very special person. If there is someone like that, send me a message.


OK. Even if you don’t know how many times you blinked, the work has been done. It is done by the unconscious mind. The difference between the part we know how to use and the part we don’t know how to use is quite big. Let’s see numerically how small it is. It will help you to have an idea of how much the conscious mind is much smaller than the unconscious mind.

In one second, your conscious mind processes 2000 bits of data. In the same second, your unconscious mind processes 400 billion bits of data. So when you hear this, you must have understood how small the conscious mind is compared to the unconscious mind.

All the Western scientific knowledge and all the physical discoveries made by man have been invented by using this small part called the conscious mind. In other words, man has become the most advanced creature in this world by using only the smallest part of this complex system called the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part that we know how to operate. We do not know how to use the unconscious mind.

We don’t even know exactly what happens in the part of the unconscious mind. Very little is known. But we don’t know many things. You and I use only a small part of this complex system called the conscious mind. Most people use only this small part from birth to death. Let me explain it to you by an example.

Imagine you have an Android mobile phone. All you do with it is make phone calls and send text messages. How much more can an Android mobile phone do? If you only use it to make phone calls and send text messages, it is quite a waste. It is a similar thing to use only the conscious mind without using the unconscious mind.

We can not only learn but also control the unconscious mind. In simple words, meditation is the only method to learn about the unconscious mind. Western science has proven that you can learn about amazing things that can be done by controlling the unconscious mind through continuous meditation for about 45 minutes per day.

Let me explain this a little more with the example of an Android mobile phone. At first, you use your Android mobile phone only for calls and text messages, but after a while, you will know that it has an app store. You can install apps on it. Then you install an app on it and do different things.

When you learn step by step about this complex unconscious human mind, you can do various things. Those who have learned this a little further than you and me, can do work like magic. People like Wim Hof, known as Iceman, and John Chan, a psychic who lived in Indonesia, have mastered this meditation to some extent. But those who meditated more than them and went to the deepest levels of the human mind saw something amazing.

They saw that the human mind is connected to a huge network. It’s a gigantic network with no end in sight. They called that network “Samsara”. These people saw that the relationship between this enormous network and the human mind has been established by many parameters like karmic, dhatu, and chakras. So those who studied to that extent were able to work like magic in a way that a normal man couldn’t even imagine. You may find it hard to believe, but some yogis who practice meditation very well do the parakaya approach. That means inserting one’s mind into another body. I will talk more about this in a future article.

But after mastering meditation to the end and knowing everything about the human mind, Lord Buddha preached to escape from the enormous network called samsara.

So what do you think? Do you continue to spend your time talking about politics, fighting, eating, drinking, sleeping, and using only the small part of the human mind that you have? Or do you learn how to use the complex system called the human mind? The decision is yours.

I hope this article provided valuable knowledge and understand to you. There can be many people who would like to read this article. Please be kind to share this on social media. It is a big help to me. Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the below comment section. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for your time in visiting and reading.

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