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Today I am writing about a mystery man who stopped a bullet with supernatural power. This story begins in 1988. Dr. Laurence Blair, an English anthropologist, and his younger brother Launce Blair go to Indonesia to make a documentary about Indonesia. In Indonesia, Launce Blair the younger brother has an eye defect. Western medicine did not cure this disorder, so they decided to try a traditional medicine in Indonesia. So when they were searching for traditional doctors in Indonesia, they found a very amazing person. That is John Chan who lived in the Java Islands of Indonesia.


John Chan is an acupuncturist. Acupuncture is the method of curing diseases by pressing needles on the points of the body. The two brothers meet John Chan. They see a big difference in John Chan that they don’t see in other acupuncturists. After pricking the needles, John Chan transmits energy like electricity to the body of the patients through the needles. Seeing this, the brothers are very surprised. Even without needles, Chan can transmit that electricity to people’s bodies through his hands.


The two brothers, who are very surprised by John Chan’s special ability, ask Chan like this.


“How do you do this? Is this an ability you were born with? What is the secret behind it?”


John Chan replied as follows.


“There is a meditation that belongs to the Chigon system. I practice it daily. That is the way I obtained this superhuman ability.


With this supernatural ability, John Chan has been able to control the energy called “Chi”. Let’s see what “chi” means. “Chi” is frequently mentioned in the Chinese traditional knowledge. There is an idea among people that “Chi” means universal energy. In Japan, this is called “ki”. In India, this is called Kundalini. It is called cosmic energy in some Western countries.


The two brothers, who were very interested in John Chan’s special ability, went to John Chan’s house. In John Chan’s house, he uses his supernatural strength and shows it by setting fire to a paper. You can see that scene in the video above.

Dr. Greg is an ardent materialist. A materialist is a person who believes that nothing exists outside the framework of physics. Their idea is that superhuman abilities are an illusion.


When asked about John Chan, Dr. Greg says:


“I will prove in five minutes that John Chan is a liar.”


Dr. Greg, who said that Chan proves to be a liar in five minutes, is extremely surprised. John Chan also shows Dr. Greg transmitting energy to his body. You can see it in the video above.


As John Chan said, they faced a big difficulty in measuring this energy with the equipment that Greg and his team had. The reason for that was that they had equipment that could measure electricity. Because at first, they thought this was electricity. They tried a lot to measure this energy with different devices. In the end, they were able to measure this energy slightly.


John Chan lighted a small light bulb with his special power. Chan says that the light bulb is lit by the conversion of “chi” energy into electricity.


In the end, John Chan does something very surprising. He shoots himself with a gun. “Chi” energy is concentrated by John Chan in one place in his palm and using that energy he stops the bullet. You can see it in the video above. Seeing this, Dr. Greg and his team were extremely surprised.


But the next day something different happens. John Chan becomes a different person. He is very disappointed and sad. For this reason, John Chan told a strange story.


“These tests can’t be done anymore. My deceased meditation teacher appeared to me in a dream last night and blamed me. Why are you showing these things in public? These supernatural powers are not there to show magic. You have obtained these supernatural powers to cure people’s diseases. Therefore, this work should stop immediately. As a punishment, go to the forest immediately. It is forbidden to enter the society. It is forbidden to come out even to heal people.”


We can think about this like this. It’s just a dream. But I suggest you that don’t forget John Chan developed his mind through meditation. A person who goes beyond the frame of mind of ordinary people. John Chan says that his teacher often talks to him in his dreams.


In the end, Greg and his team stopped their investigation and left for their home country again. At the end of the story, it is mentioned that John Chan, who had supernatural powers, went forest and never returned to society.


What do you think about the story of this mysterious man named John Chan? Comment your opinion. We will meet again with a new article on mediation and eastern science.

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