Threats lead to world war 3

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The Interception of an American warship by a Russian warship in the Arabian Seas


It was in January 2020. At this time, the world has not realized the dangers of the corona epidemic. Many had their focus on the Iran-US conflict. The incident took place in the international waters of the Arabian Sea. For whatever reason, a Russian warship has come close to an American warship, as if to deliberately cause a collision. In return, the US Navy fired five shots as a warning. It was reported that the Russian ship had changed its course and has come a long way parallel to the American ship. All the videos related to the incident have been released to the media by the soldiers on the American ship. However, Russia has not commented on the conduct of the Russian warship

North Korea threatens the USA


It happened in the middle of the year 2020. The North Korean embassy in Moscow, Russia issued a warning. Reports reveal that planning for a nuclear attack is currently being carried out in the United States. The reason given for this is the heightened activities of the US military force against South Korea. North Korea also says that the United States is trying to attack its country from South Korea. The North Korean government has said that it will fire all its nuclear weapons at the United States. The North Korean leader has also stated that he is ready to attack South Korea if necessary. In response, South Korea says that they will no longer tolerate such an attack.

Russian fighter jets land in American skies


It was in June 2020. By this time, the plague of Covid 19 has severely affected the western countries of the world. Moreover, numerous world crises due to the Cold War was starting to show up. I’m going to tell you one such story from the CNN news service. The story is based on the two powerful nations, the United States and Russia. Four Russian bombers have entered Alaska airspace without permission. Consequently, several American fighter jets have taken off and issued warnings to Russian aircraft. The worst-case scenario is that Russian planes have violated US airspace six times in the past month. Russia’s action could be either a warning to the United States or a demonstration of its power to the world.

Russia shows red light to America

That was in August 2020. The whole world was in turmoil due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Worsening the situation, a Cold War among nations has come to play. This particular incident took place in the international airspace above the Black Sea. Several Russian fighter jets had suddenly approached a US bomber flying over the area and came very close to the bomber and flashed a red light. On a previous occasion, American planes intercepted a Russian plane. So, this event can be pretty much a reaction to the former action.

Putin warns regarding the weapons Russia holds

That is the middle of the year 2020. At a news conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled his country’s hypersonic missiles. He further stated that hypersonic missiles are deployed in several places for emergency attacks. Hypersonic missiles are nuclear missiles that can travel at more than five times the speed of sound. So, you can estimate the size of the threat it poses to the very existence of life on earth. He also warned that the path the world was taking could put China in a position to use hypersonic ammo in the future. This warning issued by the president of one of the world’s most powerful countries is quite unfavorable to the human population as a whole.

China warns US warships

It was in July 2020. As a result of the China-Hong Kong and China-Taiwan border conflict, two of America’s largest aircraft carriers and several other warships have entered the South Chinese Sea and were engaging in military exercises. Then, China had stated that they own the South Chinese Sea and have missiles that can destroy large ships in the event of any threat. In response, the US Navy said that they were not afraid of the statements made by China and would continue their military training sessions.

The world’s largest military exercise against China

It was in October 2020. The second wave of the Covid 19 virus has begun to swipe the planet around this time of the year. Due to the events in the South Chinese Sea, a potential problem among several countries was created over the expansion of power in the Indian Ocean. Four powerful nations, United States, India, Australia, and Japan, which have recently had conflicts with China, have joined forces to launch the world’s largest military exercise. The main reason for this kind of decision is the growing Chinese influence in the Asian region. You may now be wondering how China and the pro-Chinese countries reacted to this. It was not indeed a peaceful or silent response, as you might think. That was another military exercise. A few days after the aforementioned decision, it was announced that China, Russia, and Iran were also preparing for a joint military exercise.

Chinese president orders the military to prepare for battle

It was October 2020. China has opposed US-led warships in the Indian Ocean and the arrival of US warships in Thai waters. China has particularly accused the arrival of American warships in the Thai seas since China views it as a huge threat to its independence. Therefore, the president has instructed his Revolutionary Guards to be prepared for a possible war at any moment in the face of the current situation. However, it is yet unknown to what country they will charge against. However, the US, India, Australia, and Japan are reportedly paying close attention to the statement of the Chinese president.

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