Secret missions lead to world war 3

Exploring document 3 - Published On 06.12.2020
Several countries divided into two factions is all that it takes for a world war to take place. The Cold War, as described in Article 2, is pretty much the root cause of such divisions. In the years leading up to the outbreak of World War II, sectarian strife, political conflict, and some form of violence erupted as a result of decades of Cold War. We are going through that exact transitional period. A single glimpse at the current political conflict and the various extremist terrorist activities would right away make you understand the logic I previously touched on. Like they say, history repeats.
I’ll drop off with some hints, first. Forget about the CoVid-19 virus that is currently spreading around the world and turn your attention to other world news. Do you see them? The growth of border conflicts, political conflicts, and violence that have taken place around the world since the beginning of 2020. Think for a moment. At a time when the CoVid-19 virus is engulfing the whole world; shouldn’t the powerful nations unite to find a cure or a precise solution to the virus? But what has happened? Nothing but an exacerbation of the rift has occurred among countries. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Minor disputes such as border conflicts, political conflicts, and violence. Have you ever thought for a moment about when all of these would end? Will such a day ever dawn?

In recent times, certain events with such significant weight occurred; which knowingly or unknowingly intensified the ongoing Cold War. Reflect on the occurrences about how the year 2020 began. If you turn your attention to foreign news, you will recall that the United States assassinated an Iranian military leader. In response, Iran launched a missile attack on an American base. And interestingly, Russia showed an indirect involvement in this missile attack on the United States. Also take into account that, due to the intervention of several American and European countries, several countries in the Middle East completely collapsed in a short period of about a decade. Therefore, most Muslim states in the Middle East hold anti-American and anti-European views. Over and above that, border conflicts happening in many parts of the world pose a huge risk to the very existence of human civilization. Even in the past, many of the most devastating wars were fought over borders. Similarly, even today, a border conflict that starts from one place could spread all over the world.

Let me tell you this. Although the events I presented as the events leading up to World War 3 may seem seemingly unrelated, they are not. All these events are intertwined, just like the links in a chain.

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