Naval force for world war 3

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The American terror- The Gerald R. Ford warship

Did you know that powerful nations have been working hard recently to build the world’s largest aircraft and vessels? OK. Without further ado, I will come straight to the point. There are currently 23 aircraft carriers in use worldwide; out of these, 12 are owned by the United States, two each by China, Italy and England, and one by India, Russia, Thailand, Spain, and France, respectively. The Gerald R. Ford is said to be the most alarmingly terrifying ship of all time. What makes it peculiar is that it has two nuclear power plants within it as its main fuel supply. Hence, there is no limit to the distance that this ship can sail, literally. It can also set sail with a weight of 100,000 tons under any weather conditions. That means that the vessel can carry approximately 100 aircraft and helicopters at a time. Another captivating feature of this ship is its ability to change direction very quickly, no matter how large. Moreover, 25% of the activities on this ship are achieved by artificial intelligence. One of its deadliest capabilities is the ability to launch a lethal attack anywhere in a matter of seconds that even China and Russia are alarmed about its strength.

The Chinese Warships Now I tell you a story that was revealed by a news service called ANI based on a secret report from China. In the world, China is at the top of the fastest-growing countries in developing military power. ANI stated that China is currently focusing on naval froce development by building 20 large fighter ships, including an aircraft carrier. China aims to complete the production of these 20 ships within the next five years, before the end of 2025. And, this would increase the number of Chinese warships to 39. As I mentioned previously, regardless of the number of warcraft to be built in the future, China still has more warships than the United States. One unusual ship here is made in China with 64 missile windows and is said to be fatal to the enemy. And even the US Pentagon seems to be a little apprehensive about this covert operation in China.

Aircraft carrier built by South Korea

Due to influences from North Korea and China, South Korea is also trying hard to increase its military power. The $ 4 billion aircraft carrier that South Korea is currently building is the result of such efforts. The ship will be fitted with US-made F37 fighter jets. The most serious issue here is the full support of the United States. In plain English, what is happening before our own eyes are the division between countries that takes place before a world war.

USS South Dakota submarine owned by the US

Despite everything, man makes war submarines to destroy its kind. The US-owned nuclear-powered USS South Dakota (SSN-790) submarine can carry hundreds of missiles at once. It can also attack enemy targets within minutes of receiving a command. At present, the United States has 14 such nuclear-powered submarines.

The USS Zumwalt, a US warship preparing for a future war

America built this ship intending to hit a target anywhere in the world within an hour. Moreover, it comprises the latest ballistic missile system manufactured in the United States. Research is currently underway to achieve a speed of five times the speed of sound for the missiles in this missile system. What’s more interesting is the capability of the ship to navigate without being detected by radar!

Perhaps you have already heard all of the above. So, you may be wondering why I am writing specifically about this ship. There is something truly horrific about this ship that has even shocked the international war analysts. Have you ever heard of intercontinental ballistic missiles? The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is a missile specifically engineered for nuclear weapons delivery with a minimum range of 5,500 kilometers (3,400 miles). Such ICBM is said to be in the weapon system of the ship. In simple language, this is a nuclear arsenal floating in the sea. However, foreign media reports state that it will take another year to complete all the research work before putting it into active service. Analysts point out that the development of this warship could be a probable sign of a future mission.

The secret mission of Russia to build the world’s largest warship

The largest warship in the world at present is the US-owned Gerald R. Ford; 337 m long. The ship can carry approximately 100 aircraft and helicopters at a time. As a counteract, Russia has begun to build a larger vessel, challenging American naval power. The shipbuilding project is known as Project 23000E. It is not possible to assess the size and capacity of the watercraft as it has not yet completed. According to intelligence, Russia has allocated more than $ 17 billion for the warship.

You might ponder why man spends so many sources and wealth on weapons when billions of people are starving in the poorest countries of the world. Nothing is surprising in that. That is the militancy of man blinded by greed for power. Let me tell you something definite; something beyond doubt. Man spends millions of dollars on building these weapons. And that is not to leave them out to rust and rot. That day will come. The day for these deadly weapons to put to use will dawn. And it is not far off.
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