Key position in Indian ocean for WW3

Exploring document 12 - Published On 18.12.2020
Geographically significant locations, as well as the military power, are crucial factors in making battle plans during wars. As a consequence, powerful countries in the world have a focus on the key locations to set up war bases so that any place in the world can be easily targeted and attacked. The Cold War, which I have described in Article 1, has now heated up to a point where state leaders exchange verbal attacks against one another. It is either in the intention of capturing such lands with such value or in attempting to gain allegiance.
Concerning this situation, for a fact, several powerful states will directly get themselves involved in the possible upcoming World War 3. Namely, the United States, China, Russia, India, England, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, France, and Australia. In other words, the countries with nuclear power, the countries with a real stable economy. In war, there is always a geographically significant location that is extremely important for setting up battle plans. Recall a world map and think about how these countries are situated. All of those countries are scattered in different corners of the planet. Therefore, everyone was looking for a place right in the middle of those countries to establish military bases that could control and attack all the other countries. It should also be able to land large aircraft and have ports that can safely park large vessels such as aircraft carriers. The other important point is that the location of interest should have a minimal occurrence of natural disasters, for instance, earthquakes and hurricanes, as ships and aircraft possibly come and go frequently. A favorable, constant climate throughout the year is equally important in the matter of selection. Now think of such destinations in the world with all the above features. Yes, of course, there is a place. The peculiarity is that the whole planet has only one such place. It is the island nation of Sri Lanka known as the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’.
With one glimpse at a world map, you can easily understand the importance of Sri Lanka’s location. However, there are several other paramount considerations, as well. The predominant point is the weather. As a country close to the equator, Sri Lanka has no winter. Also, natural disasters such as hurricanes are quite rare on this island. Sri Lanka is a very suitable country for solar power generation with a preferable amount of sunlight throughout the year. Also, a few years ago, it was discovered that there is a large oil deposit in the Sri Lankan waters. Therefore, it is understandable that there are ample opportunities for energy generation in Sri Lanka.
Concerns related to the aircraft and ship transport are indispensable for the war veterans in a world war. Sri Lanka has the Katunayake Airport for landing a large number of aircraft and the Mattala Airport for landing aircraft of any size. On the contrary, Sri Lanka has land facilities to build even larger airports, if needed.
As far as recorded history goes, Sri Lanka is said to be at the center of international shipping lanes connecting East and West. So, because of the very reason did you know that Sri Lanka possesses a treasure that can control the entire Indian Ocean? Yes, it is true. It is a natural harbor in Trincomalee, which is recognized to be one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Any vessel of any size can be safely anchored out of sight. The main feature of this port is its location rather than its size. Ample written evidence in history declares that controlling of wars in the Indian Ocean region was done at this port. With regards to all of these reasons, it is no secret that countries like the United States, China, India, and Russia are attracted. The location setting was tempting, indeed.

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