A hint about the prophecy of WW3

Exploring document 6 - Published on 13.12.2020
Insatiable desires of man devour humanity, just like cancer spreading all over, slowly but surely bringing upon death. It can be put to an end if identified early. If allowed to grow, all of the living and the non-living will lead to a catastrophe in which human civilization will not be able to recover for many more years. Have you ever heard of the doctrine of cause and effect? Just as doing good produce a good result, the bad, in the same manner, bring about an ugly outcome. Think about nuclear weapons for a moment. What possibly would be the purpose of the development of nuclear weapons? Is it really to benefit man?
Things don’t work that way. Neither luck nor misfortune creates fate, but the doctrine of cause and effect does. If many of the causes-initiated man today is not up to par, there is no point in worrying or fearing about the consequences. If the purpose of making nuclear weapons is to destroy a country or a nation, what will be the result other than destruction?
I will now give you a little hint about the ultimate purpose of writing this article. What I am going to say now is a statement about the future, and this kind of truth is very bitter. I will tell you this story and how I got to know all of it in the articles to come. In the light of the knowledge of my article series, you will then realize, just like I did, some time back. In the time being, I will tell you this. (You’ll find it quite hard to grab it, though) Would you believe me if I told you that 7 billion people out of the present world population have less than a decade left to live?
Well, I will not force you to believe this for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I have no evidence to prove this at the moment because it is a prophecy. The second is that regardless of the faith one put in, there is nothing you or I can do to stop this calamity. The only thing we can do is to live a decent life from this moment on and face this event in the future with understanding.

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