Border conflicts lead to world war 3

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America is deemed the most powerful nation in the world today. And, six main aspects are taken into account when determining a nation as powerful. Namely, economic power, military power, land size, artificial intelligence, investment, and innovation. Beyond anything, the ability to influence the world through culture is a hallmark of being powerful. Although the United States is currently ahead considering all of these aspects, China has risen to the level of challenging the United States in terms of production capacity. Needless to say, this is a threat to the very existence of the United States. The seriousness of the situation is that it has now escalated into verbal attacks between the government officials of the two countries. I shall elaborate on these verbal attacks in a future article. In this article, I shall explain to you the escalation of border conflicts around the world.

China attempting to claim the Southern China Sea and Taiwan


This happened around March 2020. Due to the presence of several American warships, China has sent two aircraft carriers to the Southern China Sea near Taiwan. The worst scenario was the threat from China to Taiwan a few days earlier. It stated that Taiwan was part of China and that Taiwanese territory would be taken over by China, either voluntarily or by military force. This threat made Taiwan position 100 warships by its boundary. The US president also issued a statement saying that all ties with China would be severed. He further stated that they would not hesitate to charge if China poses threat to the independence of Hong Kong. China strongly desires the South Chinese Sea because it is a significant trade route. But Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam are acting against it. Taking all these factors into consideration, the political analysts believe that there could be a potential risk of conflict within the period of the next 3 years.

China claims ownership of two of the Japanese Islands


Japan is an island nation comprising about 7000 islands. China claims that two of these islands belong to its own country. The problem was exacerbated on June 16, 2020, when several Chinese naval vessels and fishing vessels suddenly entered Japanese waters. The relevant videos have been released to the media by Japan. Japan, in return, has said that they will not cede the islands to China that they owned for thousands of years. Japan accuses China of engaging in such illegal activities to create a crisis. Outwardly it may be, but perhaps the real story is different. This could be a plan launched by Western countries, including the United States, to sabotage the friendship between Japan and China. Or it could be a play by Japan and China with ulterior motives. Politics in the present world is not as simple and peaceful as it was.

Indo-Chinese border conflict


In June 2020, a clash had erupted between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley in Kashmir. Around 20 Indian soldiers were slain and, at least 100 others were wounded during the incident. According to unofficial sources, approximately 35 Chinese soldiers have been killed. At the same time, the Government of India has lifted the ban on firearms usage by the army along the Galwan border. Until now, the ban was imposed to stop clashes. Therefore, the Prime Minister of India himself has stated that the government shall strictly act upon if any crisis happens to rise again. Despite talks between the two countries to prevent further clashes, the issue did not end there. The attack on India began with trade. Accordingly, the Government of India urges the people to boycott goods imported from China. Regardless, the Indian government has taken immediate action to stop the importation of communications equipment from China, saying it could pose a threat to national security, and has canceled several construction contracts awarded to several Chinese companies. Above all, India launched its most serious attack on the IT sector by banning 59 social media networks and applications belonging to Chinese companies, including TikTok and V chat. The Indian government has taken measures in deleting more than 200 million Indian TikTok user accounts, which causes a loss of millions of dollars to China annually. It is common for the Indian government to be anti-Chinese because of their pro-American stance. The economic development of China poses a serious threat to American survival. Therefore, the US is using various tactics to sabotage the Chinese economy. It is slightly difficult to imagine that the anti-Chinese decisions taken by the Indian government were solely based on the Indian government. In my opinion, the United States might have involved itself in the decision-making.

The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan


It happened in September 2020. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been embroiled in a conflict over ownership of the Nagorno-Karabakh Mountain range, creating another problem for humans suffering from the CoVid-19. The most pressing issue is the secret involvement of several world powers in the war. Sources say that Russia and Lebanon support Catholic-majority in Armenia, while Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan support Muslim-majority in Azerbaijan. According to current reports, Russia has supplied arms to Armenia and, Iran has provided ammunition to Azerbaijan. Armenia has also been attacked by members of the Islamic extremist terrorist groups, ISIS and Jihad, following the intervention of Turkey and Syria. In response, the Armenian army attacked Ganja, the second-largest city in Azerbaijan. Both countries have refused to suspend fighting. The Armenian government has declared that they will not give a single trench from their territory and will continue to attack until the enemy retreats. Countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, which are prone to conflicts in recent years, are also located along this West Asian region like Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the future, a catastrophe in a country bordering this region may even lead to the beginning of the end. I will tell you more in the upcoming future articles.

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