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Exploring document 1 - Published on 06.12.2020

Counting the days - world war 3

I will not force you to believe it. Living through the first years of the 2020-2030s, how possibly can you believe this bitter truth? Not only you, but all of us in this world are compelled to confront this terrible truth.
Exploring document 2 - Published on 06.12.2020

The happening cold war

Cold war; undoubtedly is the main reason for warfare to come into existence. The overwhelming greed for power added to economic supremacy trigger the cold war among nations worldwide.
Exploring document 3 - Published on 06.12.2020

Secret missions lead to world war 3

I’ll drop off with some hints, first. Forget about the CoVid-19 virus that is currently spreading around the world and turn your attention to other world news. Do you see them?
Exploring document 4 - Published on 3.08.2020

Border conflicts lead to world war 3

Taking all these factors into consideration, the political analysts believe that there could be a potential risk of conflict within the period of the next 3 years.
Exploring document 5 - Published on 3.08.2020

Threats lead to world war 3

That is the middle of the year 2020. This warning issued by the president of one of the world’s most powerful countries is quite unfavorable to the human population as a whole.
Exploring document 6 - Published on 13.12.2020

A hint of prophecy of world war 3

I will tell you this. (You’ll find it quite hard to grab it) Would you believe me if I told you that 7 billion people out of the present world population have less than a decade left to live?

Exploring document 7 - Published on 13.12.2020

Start of fractionating world war 3

China is preparing for war with the countries of the West and their ally nations, said a special report released by a news agency. It further went on saying that China requires becoming a world power by 2050.
Exploring document 8 - Published on 13.12.2020

Naval force for world war 3

Man spends millions of dollars on building these weapons. And that is not to leave them out to rust and rot. That day will come. The day for these deadly weapons to put to use will dawn. And it is not far off.

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