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Ancient document 1 - Published On 11.12.2020
The history is extraordinary. The secrets its hiding is endless. What we do know is very little from what has been discovered in the ancient writings and archeological findings. Much of the information has been buried in the sands of time. But even the smallest detail revived reveals the wonders of ancient times. The most amazing historical story awaits you to read. Let me start.
For a starter, think of all the ancient civilizations that are accepted by archeologists around the world. The present evidence suggests that the oldest known civilizations were the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. According to history books, the Sumerian civilization existed about 8000 years ago, and the Egyptian civilization existed about 5000 years ago. There is another archeologically unconfirmed civilization that is being talked about by historians. It is by name, the Atlantic Civilization. There is no definite mention of a time when that civilization existed, given that no evidence turned up. But some historians say that civilization existed about 10000-12000 years ago. However, there’s one more; which has not received much attention from world historians. Yet quite significant. Have you heard of Lankapura or the history of Ravana before? I bet some of you have. Well, I won’t be much surprised, even if you haven’t. Cause most have not heard. The reason is that this is a kind of history left unsaid; not spoken about, on purpose. According to the available information, this civilization is older than all the civilizations in history. Mysterious, indeed. Also, according to the facts unraveled, it seems that their technology brought destruction upon itself. Though there is no specific evidence, it is likely to have been caused by a major accident, such as a nuclear explosion.
But how on earth did a civilization with such brilliant technological advancement go so far as to be dismissed as a myth? There are a couple of reasons. The foremost reason is that foreign invaders destroyed a large number of books and documents related to this ancient yet great civilization. It is being assumed that they took some to their countries. The second is the distortion of real history. I will tell you all about that in future articles. The third is the time. As I told you before, this is an extremely ancient civilization. That is, most likely 7500 years ago or even more. So, what is the archaeological basis for believing in such a mysterious civilization? At a time when evidence has either been altered or wiped off of history? And when fancy folklore that got created with time passed on from generation to generation? Okay. Here is what has happened. The story of the past went down in history. History became a legend. Legend became folklore. Eventually, the lore became a myth.
One more thing. King Ravana, who lived about 7500 years ago, was the last king of this civilization. Although the exceptional technological advancement of this civilization was said to be achieved by King Ravana, the land belonging to this civilization known as Lankapura seems to have been built gradually for over thousands of years. Then you may be wondering why I am not talking about the previous monarchs but only about the last king of this civilization. That is due to the lack of sources and remnants of past constructions. Hence there is a lack of information about the reigns of those kings. However, fortunately, some of the existing ancient books mention the family names of those kings. Let me brief them.

According to the ancient texts, Manu was the very first royal dynasty. There were 14 kings in that dynasty. How long ago they lived or how long they ruled over is not known. It was an old royal family. Even the ruins of their constructions may not have survived. Then I was able to get my hands onto information about two other powerful emperors who ruled Lankapura before King Ravana. One of the two emperors was the Tharaka emperor, who ruled Lankapura for about 15,000 years, with no definite date. Then comes information about the Maha Bali Emperor, who lived about 10,000 years ago, with no exact period mentioned. One book stated that they both died in wars. Evidence to say what the war was or against whom remains unknown.

After, came forth the king Ravana. This dynasty is known as the Sun Dynasty. The reason is the use of solar energy as the ruling power source in this civilization. So, in this series of articles starting from here, I will present to you the story of this great civilization that slipped away while the clock ticked; the hidden history of the realm of Ravana.

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