How the history of ravana became myth

Ancient document 2 - Published On 11.12.2020
Even if you search high and low all over the web, you will find very little about the bygone days of Ravana history. Even such the facts found are often incorrect. It is because no research has yet been conducted on this peculiar scope of mind-blowing history. So what is the reason behind all of this? Quite surprisingly, even the present-day scientists could not understand the brilliance in the technology said to be used by King Ravana. Needless to say, there must be some reason or other to bury the Ravana history completely. Let me give you the rundown.
Reason one; time. Ravana history is 7500 years or so ago. It has been a very very long time. As I told you in Article 1, this civilization and its technology was destroyed by a catastrophic accident such as a nuclear explosion. Palaces, towns, highways, and airports built by King Ravana was said to be submerged and sunken in the deep oceans. It is found in folklore as well. All that was left were a few built on extremely safe places. (A similar catastrophe is bound to happen in the future. You will find all the details in the future articles series). So, it is quite hard to find any archeological remains of such a ruined civilization. All that stayed around are the memories, knowledge, and notes of the few survivors of the above-mentioned ancient catastrophe. But what if those books and documents were also destroyed or stolen? This means, only the legends passed down from generation to generation had hardly survived. Stories with no physical evidence to justify themselves, have no real recognition in the present world. So, the legend eventually has become a myth. With one example, I will explain it to you.
What do you see when you browse the word Ravana on the web? You will come to know about Ravana as a demon king with ten heads mentioned in a book written by an Indian writer called Ramayana. Even images on the Internet show a scary 10-headed mystical figure holding arms and weapons. It is not surprising that the story of a 10-headed king like this becomes a myth. Many such falsehoods have caused the Ravana history to become a myth. The real idea of this 10-head symbolic image is much more different than what it looks to be. As the story unfolds, Ravana was a great emperor who ruled over ten countries in the world. He was also said to be highly intelligent; a person who has mastered ten skills including Hela Wedakama (Sri Lankan traditional medicine), Music, Dance, Aircraft Technology, Angam Martial Arts. In ancient documents, it referred to as the ten types of specialties. He has written many books based on his knowledge about such technology. The 10-headed portrayal hence implies as a tribute to him for his mastery in 10 different domains. So that is the real story of the ten-headed depiction. Quite the reverse, King Rawana was not a mysterious creature with ten heads, but a normal human being.
The second factor is the forcible suppression of Ravana history. In other words, distortion. The best example of this is the rock fortress, Sigiriya situated in Sri Lanka. According to the world history mentioned in books and the web, King Kashyapa constructed Sigiriya. But if you pause your thoughts and look deeper into the case, accuracy will be a real question. There is some glitch, indeed. Accordingly, King Kashyapa only modernized Sigiriya. Furthermore, it is also mentioned in the ancient book of Sri Lanka, the Mahavamsa. You will get to know about it in detail in my next article. The creation of Sigiriya dates back thousands of years; long before the reign of King Kashyapa. So, if that is the case said in the books, who did build the rock fortress? And during what period of time? Instead of explaining it, I will tell you a true story happened 6 or 7 decades ago. Due to possible legal issues that might emerge, I will brief in, without revealing any names due to probable legal implications.
It was in the 1960s. A young archaeologist was exploring Sigiriya with a group of friends. During the expedition, they got the chance to visit a close-by small house for lunch. And there, they found a very old blind man in the yard. Soon after lunch, the young men got into a conversation with the old man by the yard. While the talk proceeded, the old man realized that this group of young people had come to explore Sigiriya. Consequently, he went into lengths of telling them the secret buried in the sands of time.

“Gentlemen do you know I was not a blind man like this before. This happened to me because I had committed a great sin. During the times when Ceylon was ruled by the British, the white men did a lot of excavations in Sigiriya. I was a person who helped in the excavations done at that time. All those who witnessed those days with me are not around anymore. Sadly, I am the only living witness. So, we started the excavation. Digging up the whole place systematically, we reached the top of the rock. On top of the rock was some strange one-of-a-kind designs. No one seemed to understand them. Not me, not the brits. While excavating close by to the top of the rock fortress, we found a staircase. The stairs paved the way right through the rock. It started at the top of the Sigiriya rock and ended near the base of the rock. The staircase would not be visible to anyone who is looking from the outside. There were spacious areas spread out on the stairs towards the inside of the rock. We found a lot of valuables in those areas. The white man who was in charge of excavations made us bring all the valuables out. Then we were ordered to plaster the door leading to the stairs at the top of the rock and close it completely. We were surprised. Anyhow, we did as we were ordered. Without much delay, we realized that it did not do good for any of us who took part in it. Things turned bad. Some got sick. Others died. I did not die. But one morning I woke up blind”, said the old man.

I won’t try to justify anything I mentioned above. Instead, I will invite you to think broadly about this incident and come to an understanding of what has happened. Regardless, I have something to tell you. What I just mentioned is just one story that proves the attempt to cover up the real truth. Not to mention that this story came out very coincidentally, out of the blue. Had it not been for that coincidence, this mystery would have been hidden forever.
Subsequent foreign invasions were the third reason. Sri Lanka is one of the most important landmarks in the world. I have written a complete description of it in ‘Exploring document 5’.
Therefore, Sri Lanka has had to face a large number of foreign invasions since ancient times. During the Anuradhapura period, about 2000 years ago, invaders from southern India, such as Kalinga Magha, destroyed a large number of books and documents in Sri Lanka. Moreover, during the times when Sri Lanka was a British colony, many ancient accounts and scripts from Sri Lanka were loaded onto about four ships and were sent to Britain. Some of these palm-leaf books are still conserved in the British Museum. But the books and documents are not allowed to be read or used by anyone. For the protection of those ancient documents, or so, they say. It is quite sad that Sri Lanka, the real owner of these old scripts, cannot get their hands on them. And thus, the unraveled past remains a secret.
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