World war 3

Prediction document 11 - Published On 26.03.2021
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The world is chaotic. The sole reason for a third world war to happen depends on the reckless behavior of the so-called leaders ruling nations around the world. They live dreaming of colonizing the whole world under their rule. Such persons will start opening fire. Everyone is waiting for an opportunity. Such a day will dawn; on September 22, 2030, to be precise. One madman will initiate, and then the chain will continue till there are no more weapons left to blow up.
Let me tell you how things will be right after the first nuclear weapon is fired. The development of technology by 2030 is beyond imagination, even for scientists. But, still and all, if a nuclear weapon launches from anywhere in the globe onto another territory, the message would immediately reach other nuclear weapons sites. It is then a split second in time before all the nuclear weapons in the world will be set free. The rulers and other leaders might be busy with work and their own lives. Or they might be just sleeping soundly. Because by 2030, communication technology will be just as advanced- so that if someone in the world fires a nuclear weapon, the rest of the world will not have to wait for that to strike. In other words, the whole planet will be nuked by thermonuclear arsenals. By then, there is nothing to be said about us been hit. By 2030, technology will be ready to consume the entire world, all at once.
It is nonsensical to ask questions like, is there a place to survive this catastrophe or things like what will happen to Sri Lanka during the Third World War. This is something that will affect the entire existence, adversely. Therefore, what will happen to Sri Lanka, will happen to the United States and China, and all the other countries. What I am telling you is about a world catastrophe. By the laws of nature, it will spread to all corners of the planet. Regardless of race or religion, everyone will be equally affected.
The world population is already over 7 billion. This nuclear explosion will take up to 7 billion human lives, which is 7/8th of the world’s population. By 2030, the human population will shrink up to 800 million or so. Most of them will be sick and disabled. A very few will be left in the world, unaffected. We just always hope that this world in the future will be a peaceful place to live in, but it will not happen. You will think that a country will give up, and the rest would back off too. It is even more miserable to think so. It is the way of the natural world. It is getting ready for a new journey, a fresh experience. Nature is clearing the piled-up junk off the road for the earth to tread a new path. It is too heavy for the world to carry on its new journey. One way or another, all the misdeeds, immoralities, and corruption will see an end. September 22, 2030, shall be the beginning of a new prosperous era. And then a rightful leader, a Sakviti king, will emerge to rule the whole world. His wisdom and his sovereignty will guide the world towards peace and prosperity. It is the theory of nature and, so be it. In other words, what will happen right before your eyes, is a prelude to the arrival of a Sakviti king. It is the doctrine of the world.

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