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Prediction document 10 - Published On 26.03.2021
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It is a normalized thing now; almost a habit of man to defy the laws of nature. He, therefore, makes every effort to improve the weapons and technology that he possesses; by using the national security of the country as an excuse. Too much greed distorts human mentality. It is seen all over in the present world. So the monk preached. Pointing their guns at one another, everyone is waiting for an opportunity to engage. What could be the result? Yes, the doomsday. The cyclical process of cause and effect will happen. The end of the current information technology and nuclear power civilization is approaching. On September 22, 2030, this civilization that we live in will destroy; just as it happened in the past with the Mayans, Egyptians, and many more. The third war is in the air. It is coming, said the Reverend.
Let us travel back in time to understand this concept properly. The Stone Age is the earliest age of man. By then, man used to hunt animals. He used stones to beat the prey. That is to say, that the stone was the only weapon that he was aware of. After a subsequent time, an idea popped up in his mind to rub a small rock on another. The man was then competent enough to sharpen the stones. Slowly but surely, that is how man gradually developed. Then he invented the wooden spikes. And then he made bows and arrows out of the wooden sticks and started aiming at the prey. Time passed by. Hundreds of thousands of years later, this homo sapien was able to find metal and steel. He made knives and swords. And then began the journey to take his creativity to the next level. He invented the guns. Those guns got developed into bombs; time bombs, cluster bombs, and such. Mass killings and slaughtering took place. Nothing did stop this man. Today, weapons are so advanced that it has reached the up to the atomic level. Although this is called a nuclear weapon, it is still that same old stone, which does pretty much the same thing; the same function. The primitive stone age weapon has reached its developmental milestones in that way.
The social media frequented by you daily do drop some hints of a possible world war, here and there. They say about the colossal stockpile of a nuclear arsenal that’s enough to wreak havoc on ten planets like the earth. Imagine the magnitude of the impact such a war would create. Let me ask you q question, which I want you to answer.
Man used the stone as his weapon. Then he incorporated wood to make them. Gaining much insight after the discoveries, he continued to make axes, knives, and swords. He invented guns. Then the bombs. A variety of weapons were manufactured by man. He started using a mere stone as his weapon, and now he’s in the process of improving his latest creation. Of course, he used the stone once. And when he had his hands on more advanced weaponry, he loosened the stone off his tight grip. He did use all the things that he could use as weapons, didn’t he? In history, he never discarded a single weapon away without making the maximum use out of it. Despite the risk and harm that weapons can cause, neither the use of swords nor guns was given up. So, will he not use his nuclear weapons? I highly doubt it. Scientists say that there are already enough nuclear weapons to destroy about 10 of these worlds. What do you think will happen when the man decides to use them? I’m sure there will be a time when he will use it. It won’t be a pretty sight. As I see, such a day will dawn on September 22, 2030. On that day, the man will engage his nuclear arms. If I specify the details, the first nuclear weapon discharge will be from the West Asian region of the continent at 3.42 am Sri Lankan time. I am no seer; just merely trying to explain the ways of nature.

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  1. I really wished all the sleepwalkers knew wars were planned. We need a revolt. Power to the people again!! I want these rich families hung. But they will take the whole world out with them if they have to go down

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