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Prediction document 5 - Published On 26.03.2021

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According to the Reverend, the whole world is in turmoil. The odds are pretty much against the world. Look around. You will see that it is all true. The world undergoes an all-out clean-up of the impurities and badness; this will be the decade of cleansing. Everything has its share of ups and downs. As he preaches, all of this will end by the year 2030. And, then dawns the planet’s golden era. The remaining people will naturally be inclined to do good, and so will be the ruler and the future government systems of the world. Such calamities are called upon to earth by mother nature, to prepare the world for the coming of that righteous ruler, to do good to the whole world. In other words, ‘Sakviti’, a person who rules the world according to the Ten Commandments preached by the Lord Buddha. So says the monk. If you believe in worldly doctrine, you shall regard that all of this is a cyclical process. It is a recurrence of an event series that happened in the past. That past is many eons back that even the tiniest evidence has erased out of the history itself.
Hence, we have never seen it before. By then, all the existing regimes will fade out. That is, all forms of democracy and capitalism will grow less, and a single standard will rule the world. That is self-mastery. Does it ring any bells? Let me put it this way.
If I ever decide to practice good and only the good in life, do I need someone to control or hold me back? Not really. Not if the whole population behaves so. There will be no attempts of controlling if people have control over themselves.
You will now wonder if this society will ever coincide with such defined behavior. Yes, why not. Hear out my justification. After the doomsday of 2030, all who bore arms and weaponry will be gone. What’s more, only a few will be left alive and breathing. Then, if one lives here, the other closest shall probably be about a kilometer away. In such times, a sight of a human will be pretty rare. Resources will be abundant for the few who are remaining.
Lands, food, houses, buildings, and all other real estate. In such times, would one feel inclined to harm someone else for the sake of land or property? I highly doubt that. Instead, people will help each other. Humanity will be the highest of value. Human life and the very existence will be much appreciated and, the value will be well understood by all who remain.

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