The source of the universal energy

Prediction document 7 - Published On 26.03.2021
‘Even the place where the universal energy that feeds the world receives has been weakened by the immorality of modern man’, says the Reverend. It is quite a strange topic to explore. It is a topic that is never heard of. And so, he goes on.
‘Logically, there are two places that direct universal energy to the world’s existence. I will try to explain in the simplest form possible. Think of an orange. This world is a sphere, just like an orange. Isn’t that right? Okay. When I was a kid going to school, my teacher brought me an orange to explain the world. When you observe, you can see that the orange is segmented. Inside the segments, there are tiny juice sacs. Inside them, there is juice. On top of enveloping everything is the rind. And coating the rind, is the delicate outer part, the zest. How was it made? That is how the oranges grow from the nutrients they received from their mother tree. From where was the nutrition sent to the orange? From the pedicel. Simple as it is. So is this globe. A couple of places provide nourishment or what we can call the universal energy to the earth. Those are the lake Anavatapta and the mountain Adam’s Peak. The wisdom of the Supreme Buddha perceived that piece of information. Concordantly, the Supreme Gautama Buddha imprints the sacred foot on the peak of this mountain. The value of this land is immeasurable, and it has always meant to be. It is one place that the world receives universal energy. The world has an immense number of forests like the Amazon and the Congo. But have you ever heard that there are sages or any highly intellectual humans living off their lives remotely in such wilderness like Amazon or Congo? Comparing those humongous forests, the forest areas surrounding the Sri Pada mountain range and Himalayan forests cover a small region. But the sages living in the world tread on only in these two destinations in South Asia; and nowhere else. Also, after the end of the hard times in 2030, King Sakviti, who will rule the entire world, will descend from this land.

The Supreme Buddha foresaw that in the far future, pure Buddhism ultimately remains only in this country. So, He preached to one particular god named Sumana Saman to protect this country. God Saman is well known as one of the guardian deities of the island and Buddhism in the country. So for some reason, no one could bring about destruction to this land of prosperity. There was an epoch-making uprise in one of the pollical parties in this country in 1989, then the LTTE terrorism, and in 2019 April, this nation had to face another terrorist attack. No matter what anyone does, no harm could be done to this country up till pure Buddhist philosophy remains intact. Let me tell you a thing. The corona epidemic came over in 2020. And, about four months before the spreading of the virus, a brave man, who was a President of Sri Lanka, was elected. Everything happens for a reason. The reason for this to happen so is for the security of this country. The most suitable person to face that catastrophe was brought forward by nature. It is not wise to think lightly of this president.

The last president is a man of character who can face as many challenges that come his way. He who can minimize the damage to this country from this devastating decade. Still and all, the damage that is bound to happen will happen. The last president is a chosen figure by nature to minimize the damage. There is nothing strange about what is happening. It is the world doctrine. The impending future will be very critical. More and more challenges will come up in the future. With all the blessings, nature has sent the most suitable person to face those challenges.

Despite everything, with the activism of nature, no one in this world is powerful enough to stand against, not even the president. Therefore, the arrival of the president will not end any disaster the world has to face. What I have to say is that the president should be careful. Anything or anyone might cause harm. No one can say for sure. It is an extensively unfavorable time for all the living and the non-living.’

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