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Prediction document 3 - Published On 25.03.2021

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Nothing that happens in the world is new; history always repeats. It is, of course, a cyclical action. To understand this recurring cycle in the world, one must read the universe. What exactly does it mean by reading the universe? The reverend explained it this way.
“Unravelling the secret signs of the universe means to understand oneself. Do you think that a university teaches oneself about the universe? Or do you think a person with a doctorate or a Ph.D. understands the universe? To me, the universities do not look like universities but as education bargaining centers. Think like this. What do university graduates learn? They learn from books written by someone else. Do you think that one can read the universe by going through a book written according to someone else’s opinion?
As the Supreme Buddha preached to us, the world is not what we hear or see. The world is not about the trees, the roads, the mountains, the animals around us. The world is the mind. The world itself is created by the mind.
The living beings, including you and I, all of us, have repeatedly been living and dying on this planet countless times. In some lives, in hell, others, in heaven, in this human world as humans, in the animal world as animals and, we may also have been antecedent beings in other unexplainable dimensions. We have all come so far to a point that we cannot see our emergence, our beginning. Yet, we all have a complete description of this long journey in one place. One place. The mind. A person who meditates and attains a developed intellect will have an increased conscious level. Hence, he will see the world differently; perceive it differently, where he gains the ability to decipher this long story stockpiled in his mind. Such a person will then understand the cyclical action that is constantly repeated in the world. Such persons read the universe. It is not as easy as merely reading a book.
So, you have to understand that I am not making these predictions. It is the doctrine of the world. It is not about something new. But a constantly repeated course of actions. Think of the legend of King Rawana which prevailed around 7500 years back. The technology was advanced enough for aircraft to fly. But what happened ultimately? The whole civilization and technology were completely lost. Unbiasedly thinking, the same thing will happen in the future; in 2030. This impressive technology acquired by the present world will be lost. Nothing in this world is permanent. That is the doctrine of the world. At present, the world population surpasses 7 billion, I assume? Then, by 2030 it will at least be around 800 crores. Isn’t that right? So, if 7 billion of the population perish, in the destruction that will occur in 2030, a small number of lives will remain in this world. So how can we possibly trust this technology to help us get away from the coming destruction? On that day, sometimes you might have to pull the goods using wooden logs. And that will mark the end of this technology. Then emerges a new technology. That is how this world is. Nothing novel is happening. The same thing will repeat, again and again.”

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