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Prediction document 2 - Published On 26.03.2021

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As I mentioned in my previous article, starting from here on, I will present to you the facts about the future preached by the monk. The Reverend went ahead in his preaching like this; Man is just another part of nature. When a man goes against nature, the consequences, without any effort, will reach man. Simply put, the evil deeds of man lead to his destruction. It is the doctrine of cause and effect. The effects have just begun. Accordingly, starting from 2020, the coming decade will be disastrous. This decade begins with a catastrophe around the world. Which I first mentioned five years ago. The effects will continue to gradually increase till the end of 2030 where things will turn alarmingly bad. This is all because of the man’s own doing, his mistakes, his irresponsibility. The next ten years starting from 2020 will go down in history. So, I insist that you all must be very careful throughout this decade.
He then went on to specify some of the changes that will possibly take place during this precarious decade.
What I said is no prophecy. I am no prophet. I am just explaining the world doctrine. So, let me put you in the picture. Generally, no matter unfamiliar and unaccustomed we are, change is always good. This change is going to make the world a better place. A place becomes cleaner when it gets rid of the dump. Is this world a heap of garbage left at a dumping ground? Yes. The world itself is a place filled with inhumanity, greed, and many other negative energies. What nature does, then, is to clean the mess up. And, the process towards a much-untainted planet has begun. Let me cite one example. Imagine that a president of a state is coming to a function somewhere in the country. Then the usually followed method is to prepare the area a few days before his arrival; cleaning of the roads, renovating the buildings, properly disposing of garbage, increasing security levels, and many more other preparations. The appearance of the president happens after all these processes end. He will possibly not be coming to an unclean, unsafe place. So, a similar trend is now happening in the world today. Consequently, I see the next ten years as the world’s cleansing decade.
People yet do not understand this. When I said about all these five years ago, almost everything was left unnoticed by everyone. Most of these facts came into play right after a gentleman published all these in a newspaper around April 2019. But alas! No one who read it had a need or curiosity to come over and ask how to survive this catastrophe. It is always wise to not put off things until tomorrow for what you can do today. One should never procrastinate. But now it is over.
However, it is good to hear that people are curious enough about the upcoming years, 2024 and 2030. It is the world doctrine. And I see the next ten years as the decade of the purge. So the problem that arises is how to survive these disasters. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves from natural disasters is to practice religion properly. The one who lives by Dhamma is protected by Dhamma itself. And so, the Buddha preached. Once a person bears the guilt of sins, there is no definite escape rather than to face the consequences. There is no place to hide in heaven or hell.
There is no limit to committing sins in this world. Not one, not two, but the whole world is being pursued by a wave of sins. So, when it is time to face the consequences of the committed sinful deeds, is it the right thing to hide? How can one hide from his mind and conscience? If one lives a good life by the principle of abstinence from sins, one can escape from these calamities. Keep on practicing.

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