Natural disaster of 2024

Prediction document 6 - Published On 26.03.2021
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Way back, the monk did preach and warned that 2020 would be a catastrophic year for the earth that no one took into account. But he also mentioned something else; the impending 2024 disaster. “This decade from 2020 to 2030 is a catastrophic one. The 2020 disaster is beyond control now. Next up is 2024. But in comparison to the devastation of 2030, these are trivial. Ridiculed mockery, I would say. Usually, before a storm strikes, the sky darkens, strong winds blow, lightning strikes. What we experienced in 2020 and what we are about to, in 2024, is quite similar. They are all hints pointing to a single thing. And that is the catastrophe in 2030.
What will befall in 2024 might happen due to the turbulence in air or water. Don’t be certain that it would be a tsunami or a hurricane. It could be either or even both. I visualize a blow. However, this will not affect the whole world but the Asian region. So let me tell you how this blow will affect our country, Sri Lanka. It will not affect the upcountry of Sri Lanka. However, the Northern, Eastern and Southern Provinces might be particularly affected. It could be a gust from east to north and a gust of north to south. Besides, it is difficult to say a precise date; maybe in June, July, August. Somehow such disturbance could be activated within the last six months of the year 2024.
Why doesn’t even the almighty God shed His grace upon us? Should heaven be responsible for Man’s immorality? Really? All the stealing, killing, deforestation, destroying nature. Nature encounters more loss than gain from man. In the affirmative, how can we expect the best from nature? I probably have said before. All come down to the doctrine of cause and effect. If the root cause is good, the result will be good. Contrarily, if it is bad, the results will be hopeless. It is the way of nature.
The only way I see to dodge such disasters is to be on moral grounds. There are no other shortcuts to this. I have said that before, right? OK. I will brief again. Once the sins are committed, there is no place to hide on earth or heaven. One must face the consequences instead. This decade is a very decisive one. Morality has been stamped out, while unrighteousness reigned. With time man has become a vile creature. Do good, receive good. Do bad, expect the worst. The universal energies will act accordingly. Isn’t it quite obvious?”

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