Gods and demons

Prediction document 4 - Published On 26.03.2021

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Sura Asura war. The warfare between the gods and demons. I bet you have heard. But if I ask you for in-depth facts, would you know? The war has already begun. The monk explained it this way. ‘I have seen a lot of people talk about such wars. Yet I have not heard even those who speak explaining it properly. For example, let me say this. If such war happened, there must be a known battlefield. Neither those who explained nor those who listened know where and why the confrontation took place. Let me explain to you.
Sura means God. Or the good deeds. Asura means demons. As we have heard, the devil represents the bad and the evil. Therefore in the literal sense of the word, this looks like a war between God and the demons. Besides, if such took place, where did they go to war? Why the war? There’s a glitch, isn’t there? The Sura Asura War is a battle between fairness and unfairness; righteousness and unrighteousness; justice and injustice. In other words, the confrontation between good and evil. The battlefield where this battle takes place is the human mind.
The present times are one of the most tumultuous times in the world: a hell of a distressing period. The very moment where the uprightness in the world diminishes, the Suras are defeated. Beings who prefer for all the good things to happen in the world are being exhausted. The ones who choose the evil, alternatively stated as ‘Asuras’, have weapons in their hands. They do not live righteously. Stop for a while. Cannot you see? Almost all the powerful and influential countries are making as many weapons as possible. The good in the world has deteriorated. Injustice has sprung up. That implies one thing; the evil, the Asuras have become powerful. This controversy does not seem to be diminishing. Instead, it gets worse by the day. Consequently, the Sura Asura War will reach its climax in the coming year of 2030. By then, the nuclear weapons in the hands of the wicked shall ignite.
I don’t think that an explanation would be necessary. The effects and the consequences are discernably evident. Over and above that, there is an ample supply of nuclear weapons existing in the world sufficient to destroy about ten ‘Earths’. So says the nuclear weapon producers around the globe. Always keep in mind; ones who bear arms will perish because of those very arms. So, in the same way, on a day in 2030, when nuclear weapons ignite, the ones who took up arms will get destroyed with their weaponry. At that very moment, the whole world will be a battlefield littered with dead bodies. Only those who aim to do good in life and practice the correct way of living for goodwill have the luck of escaping this destruction.’

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