End of the middle east

Prediction document 8 - Published On 26.03.2021

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Sunlight is abundant. It nourishes life on this planet. However, it isn’t distributed evenly throughout the world, which calls forth diversity. Mother nature acts accordingly to create the equilibrium between the environment and the resources she has. And then you see the geographical differences. But how unfortunate could it be when the balance is being disturbed by our unbridled unsought activities?

The Reverend explained. ‘I think I have mentioned the downfall of the Arab region earlier. And when it happens, not a single date tree will remain. Now, a thousand questions may cross your mind. Several others even questioned me about how possible that could be. Let me, again.
The detrimental doings of man eventually change the natural composition of the planet. Take Sri Lanka, for example. The temperature is higher in the northern part of the island. If you take that route, you can see as many palm trees as you want. The mountainside has a much chilly environment. The reasons are the difference in the amount of solar energy received and the differences in the underground compositions. Due to the prosperity and luck of our nation, no one has reached the core layers of Sri Lanka.
But in Arab, the story is quite different. The crude oil from the underground is being pulled out for years now and is still continuously done. What do you think will happen when it is continually pulled out, just like that? It is the composition of the soil that will be affected. It will change. So, various gases could fill up the created cavity; Sometimes, seawater can seep into the vacant underground space. That is why I say that this change in the underground will cause the land of Arabia to sink. It is just a matter of time.’
Although he warned of a future event in the Middle East, he did not specify when it would happen. I guess that it will happen in this decade. It is logical to say so in comparison with the description delivered by the Reverend. According to his sermons, this decade is extremely dangerous for man. Many of the accidents and disasters caused by natural disasters and human activities are likely to occur during this period. Therefore, although no specific date or year is specified, the impending catastrophe in the Middle East is distinctly probable to occur within this decade. As said before, it is just a matter of time.

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