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Prediction Document Series
Prediction Document 1 - Published On 25.03.2021

Introduction for future predictions

Scientists nowadays can predict the future by looking at current data. Interesting, isn’t it? But what if a person tells of a specific day when there will be a catastrophe in the future?
Prediction Document 2 - Published On 26.03.2021

Predictions for next 10 years

It is good to hear that people are curious enough about the upcoming years, 2024 and 2030. It is the world doctrine. And I see the next ten years as the decade of the purge.

Prediction Document 3 - Published On 26.03.2021

Reading the universe

Nothing that happens in the world is new; history always repeats. It is, of course, a cyclical action. To understand this recurring cycle in the world, one must read the universe.
Prediction Document 4 - Published On 26.03.2021

Gods and demons

Sura means God. Or the good deeds. Asura means demons. As we have heard, the devil represents the bad and the evil. Therefore in the literal sense of the word.

Prediction Document 5 - Published On 26.03.2021

Theory of future

After the doomsday of 2030, all who bore arms and weaponry will be gone. Only a few will be left alive and breathing. If one lives here, that man is alone.
Prediction Document 6 - Published On 26.03.2021

Natural disaster of 2024

What will befall in 2024 might happen due to the turbulence in air or water. Don’t be certain that it would be a tsunami or a hurricane.

Prediction Document 7 - Published On 26.03.2021

Universal energy

There is nothing strange about what is happening. It is the world doctrine. The impending future will be very critical. More and more challenges will come up in the future.
Prediction Document 8 - Published On 26.03.2021

End of the middle east

The crude oil from the underground is being pulled out for years now and is still continuously done. What do you think will happen when it is continually pulled out, just like that?
Prediction Document 9 - Published On 26.03.2021

The rain of nuclear weapons

I said that said 2030 is a lot more catastrophic. If set side by side with 2030, the emergence of the coronavirus is trivial. There will be a time when the immorality of man will go above and beyond the limits.
Prediction Document 10 - Published On 26.03.2021

Nuclear blast prediction date

Today, weapons are so advanced that it has reached the up to the atomic level. As I see, such a day will dawn on September 22, 2030. On that day, the man will engage his nuclear arms.
Prediction Document 11 - Published On 26.03.2021

World war 3

The world population is already over 7 billion. This nuclear explosion will take up to 7 billion human lives, which is 7/8th of the world’s population.
Prediction Document 12 - Published On 26.03.2021

Future world after nuclear explosion

Nature is on her way to accomplishing her task through the event of a nuclear explosion. This phenomenon is neither strange nor new.

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